Made Of Hate: Pathogen-2010.

Made of Hate is a Polish melodic death metal band, originally from capital city – Warsaw, Poland. The band started on the grounds of previous metal band, Archeon, which Michał “Mike” Kostrzyński and Tomek Grochowski had created. Made Of Hate is well known in Poland for their stage appearances with Iron MaidenMotörhead and Arch Enemy.

Made of Hate was created in early 2007. Band members had known each other from their previous metal act called Archeon. Michał Kostrzyński, as a composer and songwriter to both Archeon and Made Of Hate, decided to leave keyboards behind and focus more on guitar work that he had become known for.

After the decision was made, brand new band – Made Of Hate, headed to the Zed Studio to record their first album entitled Bullet In Yout Head. Band promptly recorded the album and started to look for a partner to release their music. It didn’t last long, since they got a call from AFM Records. The label signed the band and from now on Made Of Hate became a newcomer with album ready to be released.

The release of the band, which took place in February 2008, was a success to both band and label. Made Of Hate started to appear on the news, radio and music television around the world and quite fast they got very warm welcome from metal world. In fact, album received very good reviews from which one had a little more than a great impact. Made Of Hate was handpicked by Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson for his radio show at BBC. Dickinson played their music several times over few weeks and band rapidly got new fans all around the world.

Made Of Hate got recognition and became known for Kostrzyński’s shredding, his exquisite guitar lines and solos combined with heavy riffs and pounding drum lines.

The promotion of band in 2008 was splendid and the cherry on the top was an event that took place in Summer 2008. Made Of Hate was again handpicked to direct support Iron Maiden on their show in Warsaw, Poland. Band played their first show as Made Of Hate on the Gwardia Stadium for 30 000 fans just before Iron Maiden. The show was great and fans loved Made Of Hate. There was also a little incident on the stage. Mike’s amplifier had blown on stage during one of songs. Fortunately, band bounced back and finished the show playing one more songs. The audience went crazy leaving the band with the warmest welcome and cheer.

In 2009 band decided to focus on working on the new album. Made Of Hate decided to mix things a little by changing the lead vocals from Mike’s to Radek’s. Also, Mike took all the guitar parts and Radek left the rhythm guitar station to fully focus on vocals. That change was also made due to Mike’s torn vocals as he couldn’t handle screaming higher parts of the vocal lines. Additionally, he claimed that “playing guitar and giving the best out of it is the actual reason why I picked the guitar at first place. Now I can focus on guitar lines, play more complex and be the axeman I wanted”. The recordings for the new album took place again at ZED Studio.

The new album entitled Pathogen was released in 2010. Again, band appeared on several radio stations, magazines and TV stations, including the biggest TV station in Poland. Album was received well by the audience and band started to plan shows for upcoming year. Few clips on band’s official YouTube channel appeared teasing with the album riffs and gear explanation.

In 2011 Made Of Hate started with the high note by being part of Sonisphere Festival. Again, they played with Iron Maiden and Motörhead and Mastodon to name a few. This time the show took place on the airfield and the audience was even bigger than before at the stadium. Along with that big show, band played few festivals across Poland, f.e. Seven Festival. Also, this year band released their first official video clip to song called Lock’n’load.

In 2012 Made Of Hate continued to play concerts all over the Poland. While the band was on the hype with the shows and with getting more and more fans on their concerts, Jarek decided to leave the band and leave music for good. The band, as devastated as motivated, decided to not slow things down and focused on finding new bass player. It didn’t take any time at all as Made Of Hate offered a job to Marlena Rutkowska. They had known her from her amateur band next door at the rehearsal complex, and decided to give her a chance to fill in after Jarek.

In late 2012 and early 2013 band camped at HZ Studio, near Warsaw. The reason of that was simple – a new album. The recording session was quick and after that a long period of mixing and mastering took place. In the meantime band toured Poland with a new bassist on their squad. Marelna got attention on stage and band finished the year with a successful tour, recorded and almost ready to go album and plans for the new year.

In 2014 Made Of Hate ended their relationship with AFM Records and signed with Fonografika. In April 2014 band released their 3rd album entitled Out Of Hate. Heaviest than ever, new album received great feedback again.

On July 13, Made Of Hate shared stage with Arch Enemy.


Bullet in Your HeadFull-length2008
Out of HateFull-length2014
Tomek Grochowski
Drums (2007-present)
See also: ex-Archeon, ex-Hellish, ex-Naamah
Michał Kostrzyński
Guitars (2007-present), Vocals (backing) (2007-present)
See also: ex-Archeon
Radek Półrolniczak
Vocals (2007-present)
See also: ex-Archeon

Past Members:

Jarek KajszczakBass (2007-2012)
See also: ex-Archeon
Marlena RutkowskaBass (2013-?)
See also: ex-Divorce Cake
Maciek KrawczykBass (2015)

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