Evil Survives: Powerkiller-2010.

Evil Survives: Heavy Metal from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Adrian Riff
Guitars (2008-present)
See also: ex-Wilt (live), ex-77, ex-Blaster Master, ex-Landshark, ex-Minority Justice League, ex-The Cast, ex-The Rising, ex-Volition (Can), ex-Prophet (Can) (live)
Craig Peeples
Bass (2012-present)
See also: ex-Noire, Atrament, ex-Wilt, ex-Hoarfrost, ex-Catfish Jones (aka Jack’s Smirking Revenge), ex-Mindset Insanity

Past Members:

Spencer TroutBass (2008-2010)
See also: ex-Wiser Fool, ex-Wisteria
Derrick KrollDrums (2008-2013)
See also: Expired UtopiaImmortal PossessionSubsideVotov, ex-Dyrewolf, ex-Eyam, ex-Necrogenesis, ex-Alphakill, ex-Wreck-Defy (live), ex-Noire, ex-Redemption (Can)
Sean OkoGuitars (2008-2012)
See also: ex-Dyrewolf, ex-Redemption (Can)
Karl “Axe n’ Smash” WarkentinVocals (2008-2012)
See also: Satanic Rights
Sam MartzBass (2010-2012)
See also: ex-Untimely Demise
Pete KlassenVocals (2012-2014)
See also: Strikerゼ[Ze], ex-Pearl Reckless, ex-Silex, ex-Stinger, ex-Sacred Ally, ex-Skulldozer

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