Silent Descent: Turn To Grey-2017.

Silent Descent: Metalcore from Dartford, Kent, England.


Silent DescentEP2006 
Mind GamesFull-length2012
Remind GamesFull-length2014
Turn to GreyFull-length2017
Tom Callahan
Bass (2005-2008), Guitars (rhythm) (2005, 2008-present), Vocals (clean, backing) (2005-present)
See also: Eutheria
Tom Watling
Vocals (clean) (2005-2010), Vocals (harsh) (2005-present)
Jacob Oxley
Guitars (lead), Vocals (clean, backing) (2008-present)
Paul Hurrell
Keyboards, Vocals (clean, backing) (2008-present)
Jimmy Huang
Bass (2010-present)
Kodi Bramble
Drums (2014-present)
Elliot PhilpotDrums (2005-2008)
Nick KingGuitars (lead) (2005-2006)
Rich Lawry-JohnsGuitars (rhythm) (2005-2008)
See also: Subversion, ex-This Addiction
Spencer HaynesKeyboards (2006-2008)
SnifflesBass (2008-2009)
Mr GDJ, Samples (2008-2009)
Dave CarterDrums (2008-2010)
KipsterDJ, Samples (2009-2012)
Jerry SadowskiDrums (2010-2014)
See also: Cypher16 (live)

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