Lord: Fallen Idols-2019.

Lord: Power Metal from Sydney, Australia.


A Personal JourneyFull-length2003 
Ascendance PackBoxed set2007 
Hear No EvilEP2008 
Live at the MetroLive album2009 
Set in StoneFull-length2009
Return of the TyrantEP2010 
Digital LiesFull-length2013
Digital Lies (Extended Mix)EP2013 
The Dungeon EraBoxed set2014 
What Tomorrow BringsEP2015 
A Personal Journey: RevisitedFull-length2016 
Kata PengantarCompilation2017 
Live at ProgPower USA XVIILive album2017 
Fallen IdolsFull-length2019 
Chaos RainingEP2020 
Undercovers Vol. 1Compilation2021 
Lord Tim
Vocals, Guitars (2003-present)
See also: Blackened AngelFromBeyondPlatinum Brunette, ex-Dungeon, ex-Ilium, ex-King Oath (live)
Andy Dowling
Bass (2005-present)
See also: ex-Sedition
Mark Furtner
Guitars (2007-present)
See also: FromBeyond

Past Members:

Tim YatrasDrums (2005-2009)
See also: Autumn’s DawnBlackened AngelGerm, ex-Austere, ex-Dungeon, ex-Grey Waters, Ghost Tree, ex-Black Reign, ex-Nazxul, ex-Pestilential Shadows, ex-Rift, ex-Simon Polhill, ex-Baal Gadrial, ex-Battalion, ex-Paindivision, ex-Kinstrife & Blood, ex-Blacklisted
Maverick StevensGuitars (2005-2006)
See also: ex-Baal Gadrial, ex-Kinstrife & Blood, ex-Shotgun Wedding
Damian CostasDrums (2009-2014)

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