No Amnesty: Psychopathy-2017.

No Amnesty: Thrash Metal from Spain.

  Thrash is often hit or miss for me depending almost entirely on the singer, as it isn’t uncommon to find killer riffs and solos held back by off-pitch singing or average screaming.  That’s certainly not the case here, and while you’ll find a lot of variation to the performance throughout ‘Psychopathy’ on Among the Blind the emphasis is on singing that moves between aggressive ranges and soaring falsettos that channel traditional heavy metal as well as old-school thrash.  It’s a great fit for the fast paced attack the instrumentalists of No Amnesty provide on this particular track, and as the pace picks up the falsetto only seems to get higher and higher pitched.  There are also some backing gang vocals and lower ranges that almost seem to be mandatory for thrash these days, but the soaring nature of the singing and screaming is what caught my attention almost immediately.


A New Order for AttackEP2013 
David Inarejos Muñoz
Bass, Vocals
Jonathan Soler
Guitars (lead)
Xavi Rodriguez Trabal
Guitars (rhythm)
Pol Esteban Sánchez
Drums (2014-present)

Past Members:

Mario Perez JaenDrums (?-2014)

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