Cryptosis: Bionic Swarm-2021.

Cryptosis: Proggressive Thrash Metal from Netherlands.

“In 2149 it is possible to purchase digital thoughts, knowledge and talents from a deceased person. The term “self-investment” has shifted to a whole different kind of perspective. People can now enhance their mind to be more creative and smarter beyond their wildest dreams. This all comes at a price, since the new technology is so addictive that society can’t live without it anymore. Mankind has become the host… of a parasite,” states CRYPTOSIS about “Transcendence”.CRYPTOSIS will release their debut album Bionic Swarm on March 26th.


Prospect of ImmortalitySingle2020 
Transmissions of ChaosSplit2021 
Death TechnologySingle2021 
Bionic SwarmFull-length2021 
Frank te Riet
Bass, Mellotron (2020-present)
See also: Omgeving, ex-Aggro, ex-Bellum Animi, ex-Extreem Eczeem, ex-Gasoorlog, ex-Profligate, ex-Distillator, ex-Face the Fact, ex-Grasp of Sense, ex-Sand Creek Massacre
Marco Prij
Drums (2020-present)
See also: Blasphemy NightSledgehammer Nosejob (live), ex-Distillator, ex-Overruled, ex-The Dutch Duke (live)
Laurens Houvast
Vocals, Guitars (2020-present)
See also: ex-Profligate, ex-Distillator, ex-Face the Fact

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