Alitor: II-2020.

ALITOR is a progressive thrash metal band from Indjija, Serbia, founded on July 11th 2011 by Marko (bass guitar/vocals) and Stefan (drums), along with Aleksandar (guitars) and Jovan (guitars). Their intention was simple: To play old school bay area thrash metal (in honor of ForbiddenExodusVio-lenceHeathenTestamentDeath). Their first gig, marking their official start as a band, was a local battle of the bands, where they took second place after only one month of practicing.

In December 2012 ALITOR released their first demo, an EP entitled “Embittered”. This demo was recorded in Citadela Sound Production studio in Belgrade during the months of September/October 2012. It was produced by Luka Tower Matković from Space Eater“Embittered” garnered great reviews from around the world, ultimately encouraging the band to start work on their debut full length. Once again the band entered the Citadela Sound Production in October 2013 to start recording their debut album entitled “Eternal Depression” which was released on August 28th 2014 by German label Witches Brew.

Alitor supported the release of “Eternal Depression” with dozens of shows across Serbia and Europe. Alongside Space Eater, in November of 2014 ALITOR went on the European Tour (12 shows in 7 countries). In 2015 ALITOR played several big events in Serbia, such as Exit Festival in Novi Sad and Festival Srpskog Podzemlja in Belgrade, which led the band to continue their tour across the Balkans and Serbia. In the spring of 2016, ALITOR had a opening slot for Obscura’s and Death DTA’s concert in Belgrade. This show was one of the „break through“ moments on the Serbian scene for this young group of people.

In the summer of the same year, ALITOR recorded a single track entitled „Patterns of Redemption“. Once again, the band cooperated with Luka Tower Matković in his Citadela Sound Production studio. Band recorded the video for this single and released it in the May of 2017. „Patterns of Redemption“ video is directed by the one of the most promising Serbian filmmakers – Nemanja Ćeranić (known for „Volja Sinovljeva“ ).
ALITOR played on Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac in 2017, at the same festival day alongside legendary Anthrax.

After parting ways with longitme guitarist and songwriter Aleksandar Stevanović,
ALITOR announced it the January of 2018 a new guitarist Igor Marinić (ex Prototype Unleashed).
Band performed in the new lineup for the first time on March 17h 2018 at the Festival Srpskog Podzemlja IV in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Eternal DepressionFull-length2014
Patterns of RedemptionSingle2017 
Present TenseSingle2019 
Homo IgnoramusSingle2020 
Marko Todorović
Bass, Vocals (2011-present)
See also: ex-Infest, ex-Space Eater (live)
Stefan Đurić
Drums (2011-present)
Jovan Šijan
Guitars (2011-present)
See also: ex-Prototype Unleashed (live)
Aleksandar Stevanović
Guitars (2011-2017, 2019-present)

Past Members:

Igor MarinićGuitars (2017-2019)
See also: ex-Prototype Unleashed

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