Kill Ritual: The Opaque And The Divine-2020.

Bay Area heavy metal band KILL RITUAL will release their fifth album ‘The Opaque And The Divine‘ on March 27th, 2020. Guest appearances by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond), Chris Lotesto (Ion Vein), and Joey Concepcion.

New vocalist Brian “Chalice” Betterton (Dirt) brings a broad, metallic vocal range that is emblematic of the bands classic and current metal style. Screams from hell to classic rock and metal voices.


The Serpentine RitualFull-length2012 
Harder than StoneSingle2013 
The Eyes of MedusaFull-length2014 
Karma MachineFull-length2015 
All Men Shall FallFull-length2018 
Rest in PainSingle2019 
King of FoolsSingle2019 
The Opaque and the DivineFull-length2020 
David Alusik
See also: Urn
Steve Rice
Guitars (lead) (2010-present)
See also: Imagika, ex-Gotham
Seamus Gleason
Drums (2017-present)
See also: Knight of TearsImagika (live)
Chalice Blood
Vocals (2019-present)
See also: Enchanter, ex-Image Beyond, ex-Moltens Lore, Dirt, ex-Enemy Remains, ex-Breed of Kaos

Past Members:

Roberto “Peck” ProiettiGuitars (?-2012)
See also: ex-Eldritch
Josh “Crimson” GibsonVocals (?-2015)
See also: ex-Severpull
Danyael WilliamsBass (2010-2015)
See also: ex-Dark Angel
Wayne DeVecchiDrums (2010-2013)
See also: ex-Doom Society, ex-Hellhound, ex-Imagika
Gee AnzaloneDrums (2013-2014)
See also: DragonForce, ex-Braindamage, ex-Earth Electric, ex-Upper Class Bastards, ex-1ne Day (live)
Mehl AnomaGuitars (2013)
See also: ex-Potential Threat
Koryun B.Drums (2014-2017)
See also: Divahar (live), ex-Sworn, ex-Ayas, ex-Stryfe
Bobby HQ StormBass (2015-2017)
David Reed WatsonVocals (2015-?)
Byron NemethGuitars (2016-2017)
See also: Byron Nemeth Group, ex-Amon-Ra, ex-Electro-Motive-Force, ex-Mayhem, ex-Prodigy, ex-Sacred Heart, Voices, ex-Images of Eden, ex-Mercury
Jim PegramBass (2017-2018)
See also: ImagikaMudfaceSkinner, ex-Angerhead, ex-Patryk deRosa, ex-Kinnefret
Chris LotestoGuitars (2017-2018), Bass (2018-?)

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