Noturnall: Noturnall-2014.

Noturnall: Proggressive Metal from Brasil.


First Night LiveLive album2014 
Back to Fuck You Up!Full-length2015 
Wake UpSingle2016 
Unplugged Road Life | USAEP2018 
Scream! For!! Me!!!Single2019 
Cosmic Redemption (Made in Russia) [Live]Single2020 
Made in RussiaLive album2020 
Mike Orlando
Guitars (2016-?, 2019-present)
See also: Adrenaline Mob, Her Chariot Awaits, Mike Orlando, TRED, ex-Father Time, ex-Frontiers All Stars
Thiago Bianchi
Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Forces United, ex-Firesign, ex-Arena, ex-Karma, ex-Shaman, ex-Vox
Henrique Pucci
Drums (2018-present)
See also: ex-Endrah, ex-Paura, ex-Project46
Saulo Xakol
Bass (2019-present)
See also: XakolThousand Suns

Past Members:

Fernando QuesadaBass (2013-2019)
See also: Armored Dawn, ex-Temblor, ANIE, ex-Shaman, ex-Wizards
Aquiles PriesterDrums (2013-?)
See also: Aquiles Priester | Gustavo CarmoHangarMidas FateFábio Laguna (live), Tony MacAlpine (live), W.A.S.P. (live), ex-Di’Anno, ex-Blackwelder, ex-Freakeys, About 2 Crash, ex-Angra, ex-Barque of Dante, ex-Paul Di’Anno, ex-Primal Fear, ex-Spartacus, ex-DragonForce (live), ex-Almah (live), ex-Ecos do Silêncio, ex-Edu Falaschi, ex-Lucas Scariotys, ex-Stylo Livre
Léo ManciniGuitars (2013-2016, 2017-?)
See also: Tempestt, Esc4p3 (Journey tribute), Leo Mancini, S.O.T.O., Folk it All (live), ex-Shaman, ex-Wizards, ex-Operation: Mindcrime (live), ex-Tim Ripper Owens (live), ex-Acoustic Company, ex-BJ, ex-Bubbles, ex-Frontiers (Journey tribute), ex-Jeff Scott Soto, ex-Redneck Rock, ex-Riverside, ex-Samsara, ex-Sunsarah
Junior “Juninho” CarelliKeyboards (2013-2019)
See also: ANIE, Aurora Turtle Paradox, ex-Shaman, ex-Angra (live)
Brunno HenriqueGuitars (2018)
See also: Brunno Henrique, ex-Angels Holocaust

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