Teramaze: I Wonder-2020.

 formed in 1993 under the moniker TERRORMAZE. The Australian Progressive Metal band changed their name when the band members discovered Christianity, which took their lyrics and music on a different direction. “I Wonder” is the band’s seventh full-length release and contains ten tracks.


Australian Metal Compilation IV – Falling on Deaf EarsSplit1996 
Tears to DustFull-length1998 
Not the CriminalEP2001 
Demo 2008Demo2008 
Esoteric SymbolismFull-length2014
Her HaloFull-length2015 
Are We SoldiersFull-length2019 
The HeistSingle2019 
This Is Not a DrillSingle2020 
A Deep State of AwakeSingle2020 
I WonderFull-length2020 
Sorella MinoreFull-length2021 
Dean Wells
Vocals, Guitars
See also: Meshiaak
Andrew Cameron
Bass (2017-present)
See also: Meshiaak, Metanoia
Nick Ross
Drums (2017-present)
Chris Zoupa
Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Seventh Dan Counterforce

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