Killery: Ready For The Apocalypse-2019.

True thrash metal walks a bit devoid of new bands that refer to the violence of times gone by without resorting to very low tunings and strange riffs. Well, I got an album to do a review that amazed me. It is the Brazilian band Killery that has little time on the road. The album Ready for the Apocalypse was released now in April 2019 and features 9 tracks of the purest thrash metal mixed with a groove footprint.
The cover is very tasteful and was produced by a renowned artist, Caio Caldas, who designs covers for Paul Dianno, Doro and Dragonforce, for example.
The first song, that gives the title to the album, has the perfect identity of the following one: weight, power, speed and cadence. No Rest for the Wicked and Prophet of Chaos comes next, a cauldron to heat the blood of any metalhead. It recalls elements from Slayer, Testament, Annihilator, Lamb of God and some memories of a power metal line on bass and drums in a few moments. The vowel is accurate and powerful, in the right measure. March to Hell invokes the listener to march into an interesting riff with intriguing passages. Blood Deliveryman, the fifth song on the album, is one of the fastest of the band, a call to destruction. Fuck You All, Curse of the Serpent and Law of the Strongest feature the Killery identity with highlights for bass solos, punchy choruses and punches in the ear. Exuding Hate has the participation of another vocalist, Pitter Cutrim. With distinctly different timbre, I believe he sings the whole song. What fucking music! A perfect instrumental that walks from past and goes to the future of the extreme metal with versatile and powerful vocals.
Anyway, this band caught my attention even more for producing an album independently, without a label behind. By the power of the compositions and violence of the songs has everything to stand out in this genre. If Killery has a high-level recording with a reputed record label, the sound of the guys will destroy everything.


Ready for the ApocalypseFull-length2019
Lucas Abreu
Gabriel Burgos
Arthur L.
Pitter Cutrim
Vocals (2019-present)

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