Voices Of Ruin: Path To Inmortality-2020.

 is a melodic death metal band from Ontario, California.  They formed back in 2006 as OBLIVION but changed their name in 2008.  “Path To Immortality” is their third full length album; in 2011 they also released a split. “Path To Immortality,” is definitely a modern Melodic Death album.  That, of course, isn’t a bad thing but we aren’t getting the Gothenburg style here.  Production wise, it is both loud and clear (perhaps a bit too much) but it does cut rather sharp in the intensity department.  Although they certainly play with melody, the songs are on the heavier side of the death metal fence.  Barrett’s vocals are particularly devastating and found myself really enjoying his performance.  He uses a low end growl, with some mid range screams and it is just the perfect balance for the band to play off of.


Into OblivionFull-length2010 
Voices of Ruin / DarkaleSplit2011 
Born from the DarkFull-length2015
I Am GodSingle2020 
Path to ImmortalityFull-length2020
Wally Myers
Lonnie Vanhorn
Tom Barrett
See also: ex-Oblivion, ex-Sanik
Steve Carlton
Guitars (rhythm)
Dave Barrett
See also: ex-Oblivion

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