Kadavar: The Isolation Tapes-2020.

Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann – guitarvocals (2010–present)bass guitar (2010)
Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt – drums (2010–present)
Simon “Dragon” Bouteloup – bass guitar (2013–present)

In 2010, drummer Bartelt and guitarist Philipp “Mammut” Lippitz began playing together. They became a band when Lindemann joined as bassist and vocalist. Lindemann decided to switch to guitar, allowing Lippitz to switch to bass.[1] Their first recording, an eponymous two-song CD-R, was self-released on 25 August 2011.[2]

On 12 July 2012, Kadavar’s self-titled debut album was released on Tee Pee Records.[3]

A collaboration with the band Aqua Nebula Oscillator resulted in the release of the White Ring album in November 2012.[citation needed]

Due to visa problems, a planned U.S. tour could not take place, although the band did appear at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on 15 March 2013.[4][failed verification] While in Texas, the band recorded various video clips of themselves which were later used to create the music video for their song “Come Back Life”,[5] which was produced by Bartelt.[6]

In July 2013, Lippitz left the band to concentrate on his new group the Loranes. He was replaced by Bouteloup, previously of metal band the Oath. After several live performances, Bouteloup was officially announced as a new member.[7]

Their second album, Abra Kadavar, was released on 12 April 2013 by Nuclear Blast,[8] and debuted at No. 42 on the German charts.[9]

In early 2014, Kadavar started touring with fellow retro-style hard rock band Wolfmother.[10] In July 2014, Wolfmother jammed and recorded a few songs in Kadavar’s studio.[11] On 6 June 2014, Kadavar released a live album, Live in Antwerp.Lindemann performing at Resurrection Fest in Spain, 2015

In June 2015, Kadavar announced their third album, Berlin, on their Facebook page. It was released by Nuclear Blast on 21 August and included a cover of Nico‘s “Reich der Träume” as a bonus track.[12] The album entered the charts in several countries, hitting No. 18 in Germany and No. 40 in Belgium.[13]

In 2015, drummer Bartelt co-wrote the song “Wedding” with Andrew Stockdale. It was released on 19 February 2016 as a bonus track on Wolfmother’s fourth album, Victorious.

Kadavar’s fourth album, Rough Times, was released on 29 September 2017.

Their fifth album, For the Dead Travel Fast, was released on 11 October 2019.


Studio albums

Singles and EPs

  • Kadavar CD single (2011, self-released)
  • Creature of the Demon 7″ single (2012, This Charming Man Records)[citation needed]
  • The Old Man digital single (2015, Nuclear Blast)
  • Everything Is Changing (2020, Robotor Records)[18]

Live albums

  • Live in Antwerp (2014, Nuclear Blast)
  • Live in Copenhagen (2018, Nuclear Blast)

With Aqua Nebula Oscillator

  • White Ring (2012, This Charming Man Records)

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