Walls Of Blood: Imperium-2019.

WALLS OF BLOOD, the new project led by Canadian guitarist Glen Drover, will release its debut album, “Imperium”, on February 22 via Metalville. The disc will contain 10 songs of “high-class power metal,” with guest appearances by some of the genre’s most acclaimed vocalists, including Tim Owens (JUDAS PRIESTICED EARTH), Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT), Todd La Torre (QUEENSRŸCHE) and Henning Basse (METALLIUMFIREWIND).

Drover handled all guitars and keyboards on the album, while the drums were tracked by Scott Barrymore and bass by Chris Myles (except the songs “Discordia” and “Tarnished Dream”, which feature bass by Joe DiBiase). All music was recorded, produced and engineered by Drover at Eclipse Recording in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

01. Leave This World Behind (feat. Nils K. Rue)
02. Discordia (feat. Todd La Torre)
03. Waiting To Die (feat. Chuck Billy)
04. Blood Sacrifice Ritual (feat. Henning Nasse)
05. Tarnished Dream (feat. Tim Owens)
06. Walls Of Blood (feat. Matt Cuthbertson)
07. The Fault Of Man (feat. Henning Basse)
08. Dark Lords Of Sleep (feat. Dan Cleary)
09. Junkhead (ALICE IN CHAINS cover) (feat. Lance Harvill)
10. Seven Spirits (feat. Henning Basse)

The “Imperium” cover artwork was created by Mario Lopez and can be seen below.


Glen Drover
Guitars (2018-present)
See also: EidolonHollentor, ex-Glen Drover, ex-Castrofate, ex-King Diamond, ex-Megadeth, ex-Testament (live), ex-Queensrÿche

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