Warfect: Spectre Of Devastation-2020.

WARFECT is one of the most convincing yet underrated acts in the Swedish metal scene. Straight from the Gothenborg underground, the three-piece carries their full potential to the next level with their fourth full length album Spectre of Devastation! Their debut on Napalm Records lifts the curtain and unveils a true thrash metal engine. Straight away the first notes of “Pestilence” state clear that this wrecking machine has not come to take prisoners. The Swedish artillery strikes in the tradition of Kreator, Legion Of The Damned and old school American thrash metal and paves its way with uncompromisingly driving blasts and smashing drums.


Depicting the Macabre Full-length 2009 2011 Demo Demo 2011  Exoneration Denied Full-length 2013  Scavengers Full-length 2016  Spectre of Devastation Full-length 2020 

Kris Wallstrom
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2008-present)
See also: ex-Incoma, ex-Bestial Mockery
Fredrik Wester
Vocals, Guitars (2008-present)
See also: ex-Incoma, ex-Lord Belial, ex-Mastema
Manne Flood
Drums (2013-present)
See also: BellZombiekrig

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