Shivers Addiction: Artificial Paradise-2020.

Shivers Addiction gets formed in 2004 by Marco Panizzo (guitarist and composer) and Angelo “Depo” De Polignol (drummer).
In 2005 Fabio Cova (bass player) joins the band. After the first EP “Shivers Addiction” and several line-up changes, Gino Pecoraro (guitar player and vocalist of the old thrash metal band Nuclear Symphony) and Olga Pezzali (vocals) join the band.
This line-up records the 2011 home-made album “Nobody’s Land”: 12 songs showing the new sound of the band, certainly more metal, with hard-rock, prog, folk and thrash influences. In 2013 Olga leaves the band and Marco Cantoni (vocalist of Cyrax) takes over vocal duties.
Gino Pecoraro
See also: Nuclear Simphony, ex-Galax
Davide Prestigiacomo
See also: Horcus
Angelo De Polignol
Drums (2004-present)
Marco D. Panizzo
Guitars (2004-present)
Tony Colella
Bass (2016-present)
See also: Cerebral Extinction

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