Beyond Fallen: As The Spires Fall-2017.

The history of Beyond Fallen begins in 2003, after searching for the right members the band finally came together in the summer of 2003, with Beyond Fallen making it’s live debut in the fall, and finishing out the year with the first recording in December – a 4-song demo/EP at S.I. Studios in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

With a steady live schedule in 2004, one of the year’s highlites was when the band won first place at Keystone College’s Battle of the Bands in the spring – a strong statement to make their mark as a legitimate force on the regional music scene.

Their song “A Line in The Sand” from the debut 4 song CD had been featured in the Top 10 unsigned artists MP3s on FuseTv’s Uranium website. The band gained distribution of this CD through Hellion Records in Germany, with several more distribution deals that followed. This exposed the band to the European metal scene and opened the door for the band to gain even more exposure overseas in the coming years.

The first half of 2005 focused primarily on writing new material, and in July 2005 the band entered S.I. Studios in Scranton, Pennsylvania again, this time to record its first full-legnth album, titled “Lost In The Shadows.” A very active schedule of live dates followed as the band coninued to build momentum and gain new fans.

This all eventually led to the band being signed to Melissa Records, a label based in The Netherlands. The new album, recorded in January 2007 at S.I. Studios in Scranton, titled “Mindfire” was released the following June. Metal fans and press around the world have given it high praise.

The band made their first trip to Europe in July 2007, notably performing at the 10th anniversary The Headbanger’s Open Air Festival in Germany to rave reviews, and at the famous Ballroom Hamburg, in Hamburg, Germany. The European metal scene has really taken notice of Beyond Fallen, and there’s still no sign of slowing the growing fan base around the world.

2008 saw the band do some select shows, then the band took some time off. In 2009 the band got back out on stage playing in Virginia and New York for the very first time. 2010 saw the writing of new material and new live dates, notably playing the Warriors of Metal Festival in Ohio as well as some other shows.

Beyond Fallen has performed some high-profile live shows over the years in America and Germany with heavy metal veterans the likes of Metal Church, Over Kill, W.A.S.P, Firewind, Halloween, Sinner, Ross The Boss (ex Manowar), Seven Witches, Joey Belladonna (of Anthrax), The Rods, Raven and many other acts.

2013, the band’s 10 year anniversary, was a busy year with new material released as well as many great shows and big crowds. The newest release MACHINES OF CORRUPTION hit the streets in September, 2013, and the reaction has been very positive, being called the band’s best music yet.

2014 saw the band resume a strong live schedule, including the band’s second appearance at the Warriors Of Metal Festival in Ohio. The band also released a new song, “Hatecrown” and made their first music video for the song. New material is in the works for the band’s next album in 2015.


Beyond FallenEP2004 
Lost in the ShadowsFull-length2005 
Machines of CorruptionEP2014 
As the Spires FallFull-length2017
Chuck Donahue
Bass, Vocals (2003-present)
See also: Forgotten Legacy, Thunderfist
Joe Karavis
Vocals (2003-present)
See also: MercyCurse, ex-Anger Reign, ex-Unleashed Power, ex-Avalon, ex-Bennett, ex-Bitter Sweet, ex-Wasted Faith
John “Jez” Jesuele
Drums (2013-present)
See also: Timeless HauntChrysaorForgotten Legacy, ex-Shadowlorde, ex-Neldöreth (live), ex-Killing Chapel, ex-Cryptic Stench, ex-Extermination
Randy Bobzien
Guitars (2016-present)
See also: ex-Fear of God

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