Wulfpäck: War Ain’t Over-2018.

Slowly but steadily, the southern part of Germany seems to be turning into a Germanic Bay Area. Even if the Ruhrpott still claims the air sovereignty over the Teuton Thrash, anyone looking for extremely good Metal should keep an eye on the Franconian province. There the youngsters of WULFPÄCK joined the pack in 2013, recorded a demo and the EP “Pork”, and since then they have been causing aggressive, high-speed riffs, a thundering doublebass thunderstorm and a fat portion of groove that, until now, has been shaking up regional stage sets. And not only musically it seems as if the trio had already in the early 1990s with …. (ask the ones who have musical influences or write down 2-3 bands or names, with which you can compare WULFPÄCK), also visually they could have got straight out of a time capsule. This would lay the foundations, and with the new album “War Ain’t Over”, which will be released this summer at VIOLENT CREEK RECORDS, the three youngsters will undoubtedly stir up the metallic underground beyond the borders of their Coburg homebase. For fans of Lost Society, Suicidal Tendencies, Kreator, Nuclear Assault.

Gitarre, Gesang- Justin Entwistle
Gitarre – Dennis Rušnjak
Schlagzeug – Janis Reichert


01. Mr. Shitface
02. Toxic Assault
03. Buried In The Pit
04. Cannabusiness
05. Slaughter The Police
06. War Ain’t Over!
07. Pork
08. Disastrous Invasion
09. Cuntspiracy
10. Glorycide.

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