Apostisy: The Paradox Of Existence-2021.

VelsingardBass (1994-present), Drums (1994-2007, 2018-present), Guitars (1994-present), Vocals (1994-2020)
Chris BoneVocals (2020-present)
See also: A Billion LimbsForged in BlackInner FortressUpiór
DMVocals (2020-present)
See also: Celestial SwarmChestcrushDisgravedGravefieldsHeliossHoeverlordKalmhainKhorajaLycantrophiliaPyogenicThe Whole TruthThermonuclearWrath from Above, ex-Digital Prison, ex-Dirtyprotest, Gastropode

All Keys and Orchestrations by Lucas Di Mascio
Recorded at Old Haunt Recording Studio

Vocals on all Songs by Chris Bone

Vocals and Backing Vocals on all Songs by D.M.
(Except for When Tomorrow Never Comes)

Vocals on Paradox of Existence by Björn Strid

All Lyrics by Fenrir
(Except for When Tomorrow Never Comes)

Lyrics for When Tomorrow comes by Chris Bone

All songs Produced by ©Apostisy Music 2020
Artwork and Design by Jani Stefanovic
CD Layout and Design by Edward Støklännd
Distributed by Black Winter Productions ©Apostisy Music 2021

01. Pegasus
02. The Paradox of Existence
03. As The Light Dies
04. Becoming Nothingness
05. The Dead Keep Us Here
06. Aeons of the Unseen
07. The Grave’s We Dig
08. As Fire Fills the Sky
09. When Tomorrow Never Comes

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