Torus: Damsel-2021.

See also: ex-Thrash ‘Em Down
Norbert Diehl
See also: ex-Thrash ‘Em Down
See also: ex-Thrash ‘Em Down
See also: ex-Thrash ‘Em Down
Marc Fischer
See also: ex-Thrash ‘Em Down



Risen from the ashes of “Thrash ’em Down” the german thrash metal outfit TORUS is back. With “Damsel” they release their first debut album. After finalizing the line up changes on the strings, the fivepiece decided to start with a fresh name and new power.

Following the past EPs (Demo – 2014; Decline Of Fraternity – 2016), “Damsel” will be their first full length release. For the recordings they entered the Emperial Sound studios from Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call), the mastering was done by Achim Köhler (Amon Amarth, Accept,…).

After Covid-19 destroyed a lot of plans, the conclusion was to release the album by themselves. The outcome is a masterpiece, that does not deny its thrash metal roots, but has grown beyond. Lyrically the band also walks new paths. “Damsel” tells the stories of invented female christian martyrs from different perspectives.

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