Evergrey: A Heartless Portrait(The Orphean Testament)-2022.

Evergrey:Proggressive Power Metal from Sweden. Discography: Demo 1996Demo1996 The Dark DiscoveryFull-length1998Solitude, Dominance, TragedyFull-length1999In Search of TruthFull-length2001Recreation DayFull-length2003I’m SorrySingle2003 The Inner CircleFull-length2004A Night to RememberLive album2005A Night to RememberVideo2005Monday Morning…… Read more “Evergrey: A Heartless Portrait(The Orphean Testament)-2022.”

Negative Self: Control The Fear -2018.

Negative Self:Heavy Thrash Metal from Sweden. Discography: No TomorrowSingle2014 Self​-​destruct​.​.​.​the Pain Never EndsSingle2014 Negative SelfFull-length2015 Control the FearFull-length2018 Members: Frank GuldstrandBass (?-2018)See also: ex-Undergång, DisprocessTor NymanGuitars (?-2018)See also: ex-Oppression, ex-Autopsy Torment (live)Viktor SvenssonGuitars (2015-2018)Jakob…… Read more “Negative Self: Control The Fear -2018.”

Disharmony: Gods Made Of Flesh -2022.

Discography: Harmony RealmsDemo1997 When Purity WithersDemo1999 Shades of InsanityDemo2009 Shades of InsanityFull-length2014 The Abyss NoirFull-length2017 NogardSingle2020 Under the WavesSingle2020 Gods Made of FleshFull-length2022  Members: Stefanos GeorgitsopoulosGuitarsSee also: Mute Tale, ex-Heart AttackJohn KarousiotisGuitars (1996-present)See also: ex-Grace of…… Read more “Disharmony: Gods Made Of Flesh -2022.”